Discography for Julia Vorontsova

b.1982 St. Petersburg Russia

Julia Vorontsova - vocals, guitar, piano, violin, percussion, jews harp.

Compiled by Mark Dagley and Lauri Bortz 1997-2004

Abaton Book Company

ArtistLabel & Catalog NumberFormat & DescriptionTitleYear of ReleaseEdition Size
Julia VorontsovaAbaton #010CD~RJulia (title in Russian)11/031st edition 150 copies
Julia VorontsovaAbaton #011CD with 12 page booklet of English commentary and drawings by the artist From St. Petersburg With Love4/041000 copies
Julia VorontsovaWFMU 2004 benefit compilation. Julia performs 1 song Horseshoe
2xcd with folderTunes On Toxic Terrain ~ WFMU Live From New Jersey6/04Unknown
Julia Vorontsova111 First Street benefit compilation. Julia performs 1 song Agape
2xcdr with folderThe First Mayday Art & Music Festival8/04Unknown
Julia VorontsovaPunkcast #528Video CD-R in cardboard slipcase, 10 songs recorded live at Sin'e, NYC on August 22nd, 2004Live at Sin'eOctober, 2004 Special order
Julia VorontsovaDREAM Magazine #5 Compilation cd included with Magazine. Julia performs 1 song Love recorded live at Bowery Poetry Club May 30, 2004DREAM #5June 2005Copies available from from Abaton
Julia VorontsovaDigitalis Industries #77 CD-R/DVD-R with with eight page booklet. Our Garden CircleJuly 200560 copies
Julia VorontsovaWrasse Records #1692005 World Music Compilation, 2xcd with folded sleeveSound Of The WorldNoverber 2005Unknown