Lost & Found: 3 Works by Rosalyn Drexler

Abaton Book Company is pleased to announce the release of Lost & Found: 3 Works by Rosalyn Drexler.This double disc CD set is the second installment in our audio drama series, Abaton Radio Theater. It includes an 8-page insert with cover art by Rosalyn Drexler and liner notes by John Strausbaugh, whose critically acclaimed new book The Village: 400 Years of Beats and Bohemians, Radicals and Rogues explains the importance of Ms. Drexler’s contributions to Off Off Broadway theater. These contributions earned the playwright three Obie Awards, one per decade in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. She also won an Emmy for a Lily Tomlin television special she co-wrote. Rosalyn Drexler has authored numerous short stories and novels as well, which were lauded by such luminaries as Norman Mailer and Gloria Steinem. And she is perhaps best known for her accomplishments in the visual arts, especially the large-scale, brightly colored, carefully collaged pop paintings she created during the 60s. These and more recent paintings have been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the United States and in Europe.

Whatever medium she might choose to express her talents, Rosalyn Drexler returns time and again to the same subject matter: America's dark and dangerous love affair with popular culture. The three works featured in Lost & Found explore this theme in vastly different ways, but they’re all set in and around New York City, where Drexler was born and spent the first 65 years of her life. Dear is the heart-wrenching tale of a lonely, middle-aged Long Island divorcée’s unrequited adoration of Perry Como. The story, which is told through the protagonist’s disturbing letters to Como, first appeared in The Paris Review in 1966 and was awarded the magazine's annual prize for humor. However, it promises more tears than laughter. Written thirty years later, Think Marimba Mama is the bawdy and raucous autobiography of a Latina singer named Melan Choli Babi, who describes her rise to fame and her fight for independence after a difficult youth in Spanish Harlem. Lobby, a tragicomedy befitting the year it was written, 1984, is set at that time and takes place in the titular area of the Chelsea Hotel. Its lead characters, Oscar Wilde and Blanche DuBois, struggle alongside the junkies, derelicts and artists who then inhabited the famed establishment. While Oscar nobly suffers his fall from stardom, Blanche yearns for the sort of romance that can only exist outside of reality. Lost & Found was performed by the Abaton Radio Theater Players: Amy Fulgham, Jordan Kaplan and Brady Ovson, with a special guest appearance by East Village performance artist Carmelita Tropicana and music by Abaton’s house composer Marianne Nowottny. The project was directed and produced by Lauri Bortz and engineered by Mark Dagley. An interview with Rosalyn Drexler and four bonus tracks by Marianne Nowottny are included in this CD set.

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Lost & Found includes three full length radio dramas...

Dear by Abaton Radio Theater on Mixcloud

Lobby by Abaton Radio Theater on Mixcloud

Think Marimba Mama by Abaton Radio Theater on Mixcloud

Plus a telephone interview with Rosalyn Drexler and Lauri Bortz!

Interview with Rosalyn Drexler & Lauri Bortz by Abaton Radio Theater on Mixcloud

...and four bonus musical tracks by Marianne Nowottny


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