From St Petersburg With Love, (Abaton Book Company) is a tranquil, melancholic album. With only a few notes and minimal instrumentation (a guitar, a Jew's harp) relocated Greenwich Village musician Julia Vorontsova evokes both the gorgeous fading beauty of of her native Russia and the dissolute smoky nightclubs of Edith Piaf. You don't need the translations provided to understand the grandiloquent emotion behind 'Agape' and 'Grandfather': she sounds full of ancient knowledge in the way ingénues often do. She is reminiscent of both swampy US rock 'n' roll kid Dan Sartain, and the pastoral meandering folk of our beloved Joanna Newsom. Her explanations behind lyrics are short, and moving: "Remember, the room was dark", she writes about 'Streetcar'. "You were afraid to be left alone." This is deep magic.

Everett True PLAN B Magazine, August/September 2005

From St. Petersburg With Love

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From St. Petersburg With Love

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