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Portrait of a Lady

Recent photography and a new publication by H. D. Martinez

July 16th - September 8th, 2006

Abaton Garage is proud to present Portrait of a Lady, the debut solo exhibition of Jersey City based artist H.D. Martinez. Martinez will be showing photographs of male to female transsexuals in various stages of their gender transformation. Some of Martinez's subjects are friends and acquaintances, others are "ladies of the night," professionals he encountered on a trip to Rio de Janeiro: All of them share a deep pride in their recently acquired physical attributes, as well as a profound trust of the man behind the lens. As a result, these portraits reveal more person than persona, the humanity beneath the glitter and glam.

The photographs in Portrait of a Lady inspired a titular publication produced in a limited edition of 100 copies by Abaton Book Company. This edition, each signed by the artist, contains twelve images from the exhibition printed at 4x6 inches and enclosed in a die-cut wrap around folder, with a text by the artist.

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Please join us for the opening reception of Portrait of a Lady July 16th, 3-7PM. Fresh fruit, homemade cheesecake and chilled beverages will be served throughout the afternoon/evening.

Review in Star-Ledger, Friday, August 25, 2006 by Mitchell Seidel.Lady-like and here.

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From NYC take the Newark-bound PATH train to Journal Square. Taxis are available on Kennedy Boulevard, directly in front of the station. The ride to Abaton Garage takes less than five minutes and costs approximately $6. If you prefer to walk, simply stroll down Kennedy Boulevard about 3/4 of a mile, until you reach Gifford Avenue. Then turn right; 100 is in the middle of the block.

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