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Our most recent release

Chromatic Frequencies, 12 page board book by Mark Dagley.

ABC 20, a CD compilation celebrating the 20th anniversary of our publishing house and record label, available here

Marianne Nowottny and Her All American Band, Studio Recordings 2008-2018, CD available here

Marianne Nowottny and the Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra 7" available here

Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down The Law

By Lauri Bortz

With illustrations by Michael Gentile

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Abaton Radio Theater

Lost & Found: 3 Works by Rosalyn Drexler

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Marianne Nowottny & Barry Schwabsky

A Voice Hears You From Mysterious Places

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Abaton Radio Theater

Provocative Dramas by Arch Oboler

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Kung Fu Kitty

Book & DVD

Abaton is pleased to present the long-awaited book/DVD set Kung Fu Kitty, written, narrated and directed by Lauri Bortz with illustrations, set designs and musical score by Marianne Nowottny, videotaped and edited by Mark Dagley, starring Abaton mascot and recording artist Frick-the-Cat.

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Also available:

Marianne Nowottny

What is She Doing?

4th studio CD recording

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Tall Trees CD-R by Pantaleimon

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Frick the Cat/ Fuzzy Wuz She

Two-Fur featuring vocals by Frick the Cat with musical accompaniment by guitarist Mark Dagley; punk rock caterwauling by all feline band Fuzzy wuz She on B-side; 7" vinyl 45 rpm record.

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Veena Sahasrabuddhe

One Thousand Minds

This deluxe edition is limited to 1000 numbered copies and includes a 20-page photo journal of Veena Sahasrabuddhe's musical history, as well as a lyric sheet in Devanagari with English translations and phonetic spellings, all enclosed in a sealed 5" audio-reel box.

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A Modicum of Passion cd cover

A Modicum of Passion

Opera based on the play by Lauri Bortz with music composed and conducted by Elliott Sharp. Featuring Devorah Day, Ben Miller, Eric Mingus, Joan Wasser. Includes an 8-page booklet with synopsis and photographs; plus a additional 6-page folded insert with artist biographies.

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skirting the Issue book cover


Two plays by Lauri Bortz with illustrations by Brazilian artist Roberto Cabot and the author.

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From St. Petersburg With Love

Debut CD by Russian singer-songwriter

Julia Vorontsova. Includes 12-page booklet of English commentary and Julia's drawings.

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The 5&10 Boxed Set

Twenty-five different art booklets; limited edition 200 copies

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I Am Not...

I Am Not Like Them At All And I Cannot Pretend

Publication of text and works on paper by Alix Lambert; limited edition of 250 copies

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Light of Day

Debut CD by Avant-Jazz vocalist Devorah Day featuring saxophonist Marion Brown

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Manmade Girl

Two CD set of songs and instrumentals by

Marianne Nowottny

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Skymother Mountain limited edition CD-R by Marianne Nowottny

Skymother Mountain

Zheng solos by Marianne Nowottny

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Veronika Dolina, Thirteen Diamonds
limited edition CD-R

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Steven Parrino, The No Texts

Collected Writings 1979-2003

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Mystery Of The Guitar

Debut CD recording

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