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The Abaton Garage is closed for the winter. We will open our 2007 season on May 6th with an exhibition by Stephanie Campos

Sibyll Kalff
Little Books and other editions

December 3rd, 2006 - January 7th, 2007

Page details from the Little Book Series

Sibyll Kalff collects moments. She makes impressions of specific times in space, all of which coagulate in her Little Books, occupying ground between travel diaries, sketchpads, and artist books. Prefabricated hardbound workbooks for Indian school children serve as Kalff's base. The varied contents include collages, drawings, paintings, texts (some from self-written song lyrics), photographs, letters, notes, sales slips and baggage claims. About 50 Little Books were created over the past two years, both at the artist's home--in Cologne, Germany--and during her many trips abroad. The Little Books hark back to earlier handsewn books and editions by Kalff but surpass her previous work in breadth. Some of the books focus on specific people or places, usually public, and are meant as homage. Others reflect extremely personal life circumstances of the artist. All of the Little Books display relics from time travel through real and imaginary worlds, where existing places (not always actual) become mythically charged with kaleidoscopic emotional memories.

Page from the book The Enemies and Dave

Snow-Luuvie, puzzle, magic marker on cardboard, 9.25 x 8.25, 2006

Passion on the Edge, watercolor on paper, 9.25 x 8.25, 2006

Prickly Pear, One of 1000 images from the Prickly Pear series, watercolor on paper, 9.25 x 8.25, 2006

January 30th, 1998 collage on paper, 9.25 x 8.25, 2006

Postcards, edition includes six cards with wrap-around band, 2006

Blank page book, handmade book, 16 pages, 6 x 8.50, edition of 10, 2006

Little NY Book, 12 pages, 6 x 8.50, edition of 56, 1999

Abaton Garage invites you to celebrate your senses this holiday season, December 3rd from 2-6PM. View poignant handmade books, unique works on paper and playful editions by German multimedia artist Sibyll Kalff. Listen to live music by Utah born, California raised singer/songwriter Corbi Wright, who’ll perform a set at 5:00 from her debut CD All the Little Ways, newly released by Abaton Book Company. Consider your seasonal shopping needs at the Abaton Reading Room, where hands-on copies of all our publications, CDs, DVDs and editions will be available at discounted prices. Sample tasty and fragrant treats! Homemade Christmas cookies by award-winning playwright and noted baker Lauri Bortz will be served with warm beverages—coffee, tea, cocoa and mulled cider—throughout the afternoon. Feel free to bring the little ones along.

The Abaton Reading Room (featuring Sibyll Kalff) will remain open by appointment until January 7th. Abaton Garage will then close its door until spring for a much needed hibernation. For more information regarding this event, or to make an appointment for a private viewing, contact Mark Dagley or Lauri Bortz at 201-369-1591 or Contact Abaton Garage

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From NYC take the Newark-bound PATH train to Journal Square. Taxis are available on Kennedy Boulevard, directly in front of the station. The ride to Abaton Garage takes less than five minutes and costs approximately $7. If you prefer to walk, simply stroll down Kennedy Boulevard about 3/4 of a mile, until you reach Gifford Avenue. Then turn right; 100 is in the middle of the block.

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